WW2 veteran at Pearl Harbor in Normandy

Early November I was stopped for lunch
at the “Boutique Du Holdy” in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont
and I had the honor of meeting
Robert Fernandez called “Bob”.

Bob was a cook at age 17 abord the USS CURTIS,
the boat he was on was bombed by
japanese airplanes on December 7th 1941.

He was found while he was stuck in the 3rd deck
way down below amongst 22 dead bodies !

This year is the 77th anniversary.

I hope Bob stays with us as long as possible he’s 94 !

B. Fernandez  Pearl Harbor survivor

B. Fernandez
Pearl Harbor survivor


Les Fleurs de la Memoire… Flowers for Remembrance

The Flowers of Memory (Les Fleurs de la Memoire)

Fleurs de la Memoire
A French organisation that prides itself to bring flowers to the American graves that don’t get any or many.

My mother Danielle Duboscq is a proud member of “Les Fleurs de la Memoire” she will go and put flowers on the grave of an American solder, his name is Herbert Norton.
Herbert Norton entered the service from the state of New Jersey. His unit was the 747th tank batallion his rank was that of a sergeant, he was awarded a purple heart and a bronze star for his actions in Normandy, France. Unfortunately for him like many of other countless soldiers he died fighting for freedom and democracy, he was killed July 31st 1944…the same day my mom was born, that’s why she chose his grave. The day he died was the day she was brought into this world.
You can visit his grave he is buried at the Normandy American Military cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer

Plot : B  Row : 8  Grave : 21

It’s American soldiers who took my pregnant grand-mother on a jeep to Carentan where my mom was born a few weeks later… the French of Normandy have much gratitude towards American soldiers especially the ones who were here 74 years ago.

One of the annual meetings of the "Fleurs de la Memoire"

One of the annual meetings of  “Les Fleurs de la Memoire”

It is said in Normandy that it’s “the task of memory not to forget what happened here 74 years ago” and I’m pretty sure that those young American soldiers will not be forgotten, long after all the veterans of WW2 have passed away, unfortunately that’s going to happen much faster than we’d like.

If you too you’d like to be part of this here is their website :



If you can’t get a tour but still want to see the D-Day beaches

I usually don’t advertise for my competitors but this is something completely different so the say…

Let’s say you do a 1 day tour with me and I’m not available the next day but you still wanted to see Arromanches and the remains of the artificial harbour , then you can grab a bus in Bayeux that will take you there but there will be no explanations (so read up on it before going)

Starting April 1st 2018 with the help of the Normandy region as well as the tourist offices of Bayeux Intercom and Isigny-Omaha a special bus line for going to certain D-Day sites will be put in place.

The bus driver is just that don’t ask him to guide that’s not his role, but apparently there’s a high demande to go from Bayeux to the D-Day sites and to travel from Arromanches to Pointe-du-Hoc.

So basically it’s a bus line that goes to the different points of interest but also if you just want to go to the beach to enjoy it for what it is then you can grab a shuttle in Bayeux city center and go off to the beach without the stress of looking for a parking space. Ticket bought in the bus (cash only) This will be in service from April 1st to September 30th

Tickets sold at Bayeux and Isigny-sur-Mer tourist offices. Price depending on distance.


D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, in a Museum

The Normandy Victory Museum is located between Catz & Brévands Along N13 direction Cherbourg

The Normandy Victory Museum has a very big collection of several private collectors who have lent theirs to the museum, lots of mannequins but also several vehicles plus a film explaining “the battle of the hedgerows”.

NVM_004 (Copier)They have a restaurant that can sit up to 100 people and a gift shop plus other nice amenities (for kids too). You can go on a piper cub type of plane it’s € 70.00 for 20 minutes and you can fly over the important D-Day sites.

NVM_005 (Copier)Prices : € 9.00 for adults
€ 6.00 for kids




NVM_003 (Copier)Website :

What’s happening in June here in Normandy?

74th D DAY Anniversary June 2018 – Normandy

Military VehiclesIn Carentan :

3rd June

9 a.m : public opening

10 a.m : Start of convoy for vehicle parade in the area

10.30 a.m : stop of the convoy in Angoville au Plain

noon : Stop on the convoy in Carentan and exhibition of the vehicles in Valnoble square.

2 p.m : Concert of 1940’s music with Kelly Ann Sproul

At the Airborne Museum in Sainte Mere Eglise

What’s going on in Sainte Mere Eglise at the Airborne Museum this year?

Agents of the shadowsThis year (2018) at the Airborne museum in Sainte Mere Eglise
there will be an special section of the museum dedicated to the ” Shadow Agents”
men and women who were never seen but worked in the shadows
to secure the liberation of France.
Secret operations that took place in France from 1940 to 1945
Find out why and who were these Secret service agents

Info at :

What’s going on during the 1st week of June in Normandy?

Overlord Military Events in Normandy from June 2nd to June 6th 2018

For the first time in Normandy
sign up with Overlord Miltary Events

Museum EventHistorical shows and militaria conventions, parades of original vehicles civilian and military.
Cars, Jeeps, trucks, and tanks
of not only allied forces but also the axis of evil.
There will be showsas well and uniques models presented for that period.
Take advantage of these special days
and events to do a combo of visiting,
seeing and experiencing what it’s like to be in Normandy,
after you can even visit the museum,
pay hommage to the men buried
at the American Military cemetery
and finish off by a walk down on the beach.

This is taking place around,
next to and in the Overlord Museum in Colleville-sur-Mer 14170.

Information and program at :

Monuments not often visited on a tour

IMG_0578 (Copier)The 1st Engineer Batalion had the task of clearing the beaches of Normandy but there would also clear mines, re-build roads and bridges that had been destroyed by Germans or Americans.
Our engineers would build supply dumps for ammunition and fuel, field hospitals, communication tents, & prisoner of war camps. These men would also be re-building the port of Cherbourg after it was taken and secured by  Joe “Lightning” Collins.

There are many markers along the roads here in Normandy, giving you name and ranck and what regiment he was from, unfortunately they are NOT being upkept. They have the initial and last name of the soldier, his rank and what regiment he belonged to. The date when he was killed.

What’s happening in June? Let’s take a look…

In June there are many things going on
but this year most of the festivites
are going to take place over the week
end Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd 2018

Carentan Liberty MarchIn Carentan we have the “Arizona Camp” in a field as it was last year many vehicles (military and civilian), and people dressed up as they were in 1944. It’s going to take place from Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, if you’re going to be in the area please make sure to check it out as it’s always a great place to hang out at and take some of those “vintage” pictures for quality pictures to later hang up on your wall. The “Arizona” re-enactor’s camp will be in it’s seventh year, there are about a hundred vehicles expected both miltary and civilian. Friday evening there will be a DJ playing “swing” music and on Saturday evening a local band called the “Witch Doctors” playing rock and rock-a-billy style tunes. On Friday June 1st around 2:30 pm there will (still) be around 10 World War 2 veterans that you can meet and why not shake hands to thank them for their service. Get your picture taken with them while they sign you an autograph. Saturday for lunch a huge picnic will take place on the grounds where the camp will be at. On Sunday morning from Carentan there will be a vehicules parade.

The 74th D-Day Anniversary June 2018

2018 June 6th : The 74th D-Day Anniversay in Normandy will have official ceremonies in these places :
Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Carentan, Utah Beach and Sainte-Marie-du-Mont

Every year historic paratroop drops, parades and military vehicles, militaria fairs and military marches as well as reconstructed US camps of the time and of course officials ceremonies take place. US_troops_SMEThis year in 2018 June 6th falls on a Wednesday so a huge chunk of the festivities will take place over the June 2nd and 3rd weekend.