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D-DAY Omaha Beach Tour

Tour starts from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Tour starts at La Cambe German Cemetery
Pickup possible in Bayeux* or Carentan*

The sites we will visit are specific to the D-Day Omaha Beach area.

 LA CAMBE German Cemetery

Used to be an American cemetery, mainly for the 29th Inf. Div. up until 1947…

German cemetery

La Cambe German cemetery


Normandy Hedgerows

Hedgerow fighting, is close combat fighting

Explanation of the hedgerows at the time of the landings.

US Army Rangers are going to scale a 100 ft.high cliff to take out guns
that could directly impede the landings on Utah and Omaha

Pointe du Hoc


Lunch (not included)

(Several stops on Omaha beach top, bottom, East and West)
As known as “Bloody Omaha” featured as an opening sequence in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” that no one can forget.
There, we will understand the meaning of the word “sacrifice” and that “Freedom” is never free, always paid in blood.

 Omaha Beach Dog Green sector

Omaha Beach Dog Green sector

 US CEMETERY + Visitor’s center


American Military cemetery

9387 Graves will never explain it, you have to see it for your eyes to understand,
what it means to be part of “The greatest generation” and their sacrifices for us.
The visitor’s center has a great film called “Letters” plays on the hour and the half hour.

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Not available from Honfleur/Le Havre/Deauville
For Bayeux* pickup add € 25 Euros for Carentan add € 20 Euros
Lunch and museum not included