Welcome to the D-Day Landing beaches in Normandy !!!

D-Day private guided tours of the American beaches
and other sectors with Trevor Standefer

Regular tours start in Sainte Mère Eglise,
the important village where it all started on
the night of June 6th 1944.

For an extra fee, pickups available in :
Bayeux or Carentan train-stations
Cherbourg cruise ship and ferry terminals.
Your place of stay

About myself
” Made in Texas, born in Normandy ! “

Being an American/French citizen & having lived both in the States and France gave me a dual culture philosophy with French expertise but also American “know-how” and friendliness.
Also a “plus”, having no accent in either language makes it easier for American clients to understand me.

After working briefly for CNN during the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, I knew that I wanted to share my passion on the subject of WWII and became a guide, specialized in the Battle of Normandy working first for Battlebus, a leading tour company in the area at the time. I fell for the beauty of Normandy, and decided to stay.

In 2010 I created my own company “AMERICAN-DDAY-TOURS” and I now live near Utah Beach, in the American sector.
Over the years I have met veterans and on my tours, will tell you about their experiences but also the personal family stories told by my grand-parents who lived in Normandy under the occupation, D-Day and the days following the liberation.

In the heart of the D-Day beach area.
Providing independent guiding services since 2010

With me rest assured that I have FULL transportation licence accreditations and ALL  insurances required by French authorities.
Stickers below (purple or green) must be on wind shield bottom left hand side of car/van driven by your chauffeur guide.



Transportation licence # 2015/25/0000210 – N° de SIRET 51043683500027