Where to stay

 Places to stay at while visiting Normandy and/or  for a D-Day tour
(non-exhaustive list)

But I recommend all the establishments listed below
because I’ve visited them personally !

Depending on where you like to stay whether it’s a hotel, a bed and breakfast,
a guest house or an apartment, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Would you rather be in a quaint litte town?
if you’ve got your own transportation
the charming countryside is just beautiful, laid back, and easy going.

Le Domaine de Ravenoville
Exceptional stays at the heart of History.
Tradition, style, comfort…just a few miles from Utah beach,
Sainte Mere Eglise.
I have visited, take my word for it
“It meets American expectations!”
Just a mile from my home,
the perfect place to stay
for a family
or a small group of friends!

A 17th c. chateau recently restored:
In the manor house: 4 large bedrooms with king size beds,
each with its own bath room, a dining-room and salon.
In the dovecot, a unique round
2 levels accommodation for 4 with king size beds.
(stay in the same village where you guide lives + no pickup fee)


Located very close to where tour starts Sebastian’s place
is ideally located and he is warm and friendly always ready to help out.

Stay with Vivian & Rodolphe at the La Fiere site
Their home is right next to the Merderet river where
American troops fought for 4 days against German counter-attacks.
It’s an ideal place for people wanting to see the
US Airborne Paratrooper sites


Le Manoir de Juganville
Stay in a wonderful secluded Manor
with plenty of history only minutes away from Sainte Mère Eglise

A 5 minute walk from the train station a charming Bed and Breakfast

 Omaha Beach
A nice little Bed and Breakfast close to Omaha Beach, Hilary and Patrick,
she’s American and he’s French, it’s a great combination!


In Bayeux

Hotel Villa Lara (5*)

Hotel Churchill/Bayeux (3*)

Chateau Hôtel de Bellefontaine/Bayeux (4*)

Outside of Bayeux
It’s better if you have your own transportation
for these  places

Chateau de La Chenevière (5*)

Chateau d’Audrieu (4*)

Chateau de Sully (3*)