D-day monuments that are rarely heard about…

Tribute to 2nd Inf. Divison

Everyone knows about the famous monuments that pay tribute to our soldiers at the different places that are high-lighted on the tours given here in Normandy, but there are quite a lot of other monuments and places, that give thanks to US and other allied soldiers that gave their lives for our freedom. No one knows about them. That’s why I think it’s important that people who are interested in the Normandy campaign, but also all of WW2’s European theater of Operations should come to this post and check out what’s new. I’ll try to update every other week with stuff related or about the Landing Beaches and what happened on June 6th and after…


Trevières is a small village located south of the RN13 about 3 to 4 miles inland from Omaha Beach. The 2nd Inf. Div once getting off Omaha beach probably going thru the D-3 exit found themselves going inland the objective : St. LO, by June 10th Trevière had been liberated by American Forces. After a two day assault on the town the Germans backed out, and the people living there were free of mouvment and the 4 year occupation of their town by German forces had ended.

WW1 had taken it’s toll on the French and many small villages have monument dedicated to WW1 in Trevières they have their monument for the “great war” as it was known, well enemy shells started raining down on the town as American advanced further inland and a shell burst hit their WW1 monument, the townsfolk decided that they would leave the statue in it’s original state so that people would remember the horrible fighting that happened in and around that area.

The pictures show the damaged monument(below) and the 2nd Infantry’s monument (above) as well.

WW1 monument damaged by WW2 shell ( just below face of statue )

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