Welcome to my Normandy

Live your Normandy like a local

If you’re looking for an exclusive tour with your own personal bi-lingual local – guide and you would like to discover Normandy as a privileged guest, then I can make it happen for you.


I have dual citizenship, fluent in both French & American and sound just like a native. I love my country (both of them) so let me guide you as a friend/host to the
« ins » and « outs» of Normandy and with me you will eat, drink, experience Normandy like a local.

I’m specialized in the American sector of the D-Day Landing beaches and we can spend 2 to 3 days in that area, a 60 miles wide front, but at the same time, I would like for my guests to experience the other delicacies of Normandy as well as enjoy the beautiful countryside with its picturesque stone-houses villages.

See webpage for 2 day tour  : Operation Overlord Battlefield Tour


I can tailor-make your tour to your needs and requests and can be quite flexible

Tours available from April to October
(from 9 to 5pm  approx.)

(only after booking a 1 or 2 day battlefield tour)

There are many things to do in Normandy, one of the largest regions of France, as it’s History goes back to the 8th century with the start of the Normand conquest.

Visit Mont Saint Michel             Mont Saint Michel

One cannot say they’ve visited Normandy until they have seen the unique world famous Mont Saint Michel
which recently became an island again after extensive works.

This tour is available with 3 different options :

1- Mont Saint Michel + Villedieu-les-Poêles
After seeing MSM, we can stop in the copper center village of Ville-dieu and visit an artisanal workshop with almost a Middle-Ages atmosphere and see how pots and pans are hand crafted (A chance for quality shopping)

2- Mont Saint Michel + Granville
After MSM we can drive along beautiful coastline to the seaport of Granville (called the « Monaco of the North ») and visit fashion designer
Christian Dior’s house, garden and museum.

3- Mont Saint Michel + Saint James
Driving through rolling farm countryside, we will visit the Brittany American Military cemetery where WWII soldiers are laid to rest..

Remarks: On Mont Saint Michel, a local guide will take you on a privatetour of village and abbey
(Guide, Parking, Entrance fees included)

Christian Dior Museum
See webpage : Mont Saint Michel VIP Experience


Normandy Countryside


Driving to Honfleur through hilly countryside of the Pays d’Auge, we’ll

see dairy cows, thorough-bred horses, apple orchards, half-timbered
& slate old houses , make a stop in picturesque village of Beuvron

River and seaport, Honfleur is full of History. We’ll have
a walking tour and free time to explore this charming town
a favorite of impressionist painters.

Deauville, a seaside resort, home of the American film
festival. Gambling casino, horse-racing tracks.
A must : a short stroll on the famous boardwalk…
See webpage : www.american-dday-tours.com/honfleur-deauville

Normandy Gourmet foodies tour

Normandy DairyWith close to 350 miles of coastline, Normandy has a great variety of fresh seafood and dairy but also Calvados &  apple cider
On their way to England the Romans tried planting vineyards but later the men from the « North » the Vikings started growing apple trees which led to cider. After the discovery of distillation in the 15th century, Calvados brandy was made and found it’s way to the fine dining tables of the most prestigious restaurants of Normandy, France and beyond. Normandy Apple cider & Calvados

Many dairy cows can be observed as we travel through the Normandy countryside for, we’re in the land of fresh cream, milk and butter but also cheese (Camembert, Pont-Lévêque, Livarot) and what better way to understand this than to find out how it’s made. Discover the “Gourmet foodies 4 C’s” tour

And you cannot leave Normandy without having tasted our Normandy caramels made with salted butter.

See webpage :Normandy Gourmet Foodies VIP tour