D-day Normandy landings and Battle of Normandy campaign veteran…

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I had the honor and privilege of meeting Don Casey recently and we finished the day by going to the American Military cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer where he paid his respects to 7 soldiers, 3 of them were men he knew, it was a very moving experience and very emotional too as it was his first time back in 68 years…

Donald (Don) Casey was born in 1923 in North Carolina.  He joined the army in 1942.  He traveled briefly to North Africa specifically Morrocco with the 238th and then went to England.

He landed at 8.30 am on Utah Beach

After the D-Day landings the 238th went through France, Belgium and Germany.   Mr. Casey was injuried in Belgium in January of 1945 and was evactuated to England.  He received the Purple Heart and was discharged later 1945.  The 238th laid 66 bridges in Europe including the first one built in Normandy just off of causeway number 2 near Utah Beach.

Below is a link to the group’s home page which has good map of where the 238th went in Europe.


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