D-Day Normandy Winter Tour

D-Day happened on June 6th 1944 … and most tours in Normandy are from mid-March to mid-Novemember but this winter American-DDay-Tours is still active,
sure most of the museums are closed and the weather isn’t the warmest but if you’re up to it I can still give you a great tour.

US soldiers in snow

We will have more time to visit the sites, taking pictures will be awesome
as the crowds of tourists won’t be around.
The history is amazing as June 6th is one of the 20th century’s most important dates when it comes to life changing events (for the better).

Discounted rates for 1 and 2 day D-Day tours from Decemember 2nd 2015  to March 15th 2016 up to 8 people.

If you’re coming from Paris by train
the best place to stop is in CARENTAN leaving Paris at 7.07 am (more trains on week days) : Book your train ticket here

Here’s an example of what can be done and seen with me on a 1 day tour :

Utah Beach
Hedgerow stop
Omaha Beach
American cemetery
(closes at 5 pm)
and the visitors center
(closed from Jan. 9 to Jan 22nd)

Check the link for prices : Special Winter Prices

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