72nd Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy

Friday 13th May – Friday 30th September

Sainte Mère Eglise

Exhibition « A German prisoner camp in Foucarville » at Airborne Museum

Apart from Foucarville and Ravenoville inhabitants, only a few people knows about the German prisoner camp set there between 1944 et 1947. It was called: “Continental Central Enclosure n°19 » and was built initially for 20,000 men but was enlarged to welcome 60,000. A real town has been built with time with electrical lighting, roads, toilets and bathrooms, water supplies (600,000 liters per day) and a railway.
This exhibition will present unpublished information and testimonies so as original items in their environment that have never been presented until now.
But even more than the life in the camp, relationships between prisoners and inhabitants, this exhibition is allowing a question about the role of this prison that displayed a aim: reeducating German young men back to democracy.
14th May: Conference about the exhibition  « A German prisoner camp in Foucarville » (to be confirmed)
Organization: Airborne Museum
– 0033 233 41 41 35 –
www.airborne-museum.orgFoucarville POW camp n°19

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