Battle of Normandy, D-Day and the landing beaches

Briquebec MonumentPlaque dedicated to the U.S. Airmen

When you’re on tour you get to see a ot of dfferent places where acts of heroismtook place and also important battles.

Even before June 6th many different operations were taking place.

Hitler had planned on buiding V2 launch site in the Cotentin pennisula, on May 8th 1944 (a year before the end of the war) such a raid took place in hopes of bombing out those launch sites.

Just over the town of Briquebec on that day in may after dropping bombs on their way back to England one of the B-17’s was hit by 88 mm anti aircraft fire and came down in flames

(The “Wabbit Tracks” it was called), 11 people on-board including an observer were KIA, apparently the co-pilot Clifford L. Jonhson managed to get out of plane, later to be captured and put in a POW camp until the end of the war. This monument is situated just outside of the town, on your left if you’re going towards Valognes.

Check it out it’s worth the stop.

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