Normandy, D-Day and the landing beaches ….Did you know?

Did you know ?

That Operation Fortitude was a large scale deception plan elaborated by the allies to fool the German high command (Hitler included) into believing that landings would take place at the short point between England & France.

Operation Fortitude consisted of a fake army (FUSAG) 1st US Army Group to be led by General George S. Patton, dummy props such as tanks, planes,trucks,artillery pieces and even fake landing crafts. Fake radio transmissions were also part of the deception but other operations like Fortitude North was also put into place to make the Germans think that the landing could also take place in Norway.

The German high command (and Hitler) were so convinced the landings would take place at the shortest point about 1month later they were still convinced by July 7th 1944 so many men and material was poured into Normandy the was no way the Germans could kick us back into the ocean. Operation Fortitude was the biggest military poker bluff of all time, and was successfully pulled off…today with satelite technology this would no longer be possible !

Fake landing craftDummy Sherman tank

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