WW2 Veterans, Normandy and the D-Day landing beaches Thank You Sir for your service !

Sgt. Franck Noone and I at the German Cemetery in La Cambe
On Saturday June 25th I was with my guests visiting the German Cemetery in La Cambe
when we had the honor of meeting a WW2 British veteran.

Franck Noone is his name, he is 94 years old.
He landed on Sword Beach (in the British sector)
, he started in North Africa,
he was a sargeant and fought all through the Battle of Normandy
returned home in Januarary of 1946.
He told me when he got off his landing craft
he was in chest high water and it was pretty cold area to be in.

He came ashore with the Hampshire Regiment
then later assigned to the Commandos
and took out a gun battery near Colleville (Montgomery).

I was very happy to meet him and speak with him. Thank you Franck for your service.

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