Les Fleurs de la Memoire… Flowers for Remembrance

The Flowers of Memory (Les Fleurs de la Memoire)

Fleurs de la Memoire
A French organisation that prides itself to bring flowers to the American graves that don’t get any or many.

My mother Danielle Duboscq is a proud member of “Les Fleurs de la Memoire” she will go and put flowers on the grave of an American solder, his name is Herbert Norton.
Herbert Norton entered the service from the state of New Jersey. His unit was the 747th tank batallion his rank was that of a sergeant, he was awarded a purple heart and a bronze star for his actions in Normandy, France. Unfortunately for him like many of other countless soldiers he died fighting for freedom and democracy, he was killed July 31st 1944…the same day my mom was born, that’s why she chose his grave. The day he died was the day she was brought into this world.
You can visit his grave he is buried at the Normandy American Military cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer

Plot : B  Row : 8  Grave : 21

It’s American soldiers who took my pregnant grand-mother on a jeep to Carentan where my mom was born a few weeks later… the French of Normandy have much gratitude towards American soldiers especially the ones who were here 74 years ago.

One of the annual meetings of the "Fleurs de la Memoire"

One of the annual meetings of  “Les Fleurs de la Memoire”

It is said in Normandy that it’s “the task of memory not to forget what happened here 74 years ago” and I’m pretty sure that those young American soldiers will not be forgotten, long after all the veterans of WW2 have passed away, unfortunately that’s going to happen much faster than we’d like.

If you too you’d like to be part of this here is their website :



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