Story of war baby Danielle (AKA my Mom)


Baby Danielle would not have been born if American soldiers had not taken her pregnant mother in a jeep to Carentan, close to Utah Beach.
Suzanne, a cousin was killed by schrapnel next to her father & mother…

Danielle War Baby

Danielle War Baby born July 44

Because of the stories she heard from her parents of the D-Day 1944 period, Danielle always felt some kind of gratitude and admiration towards the United States and this is why she first went there in 1966 and again in 1968 to marry a Texan…

Gov Connally copier

With Lt Gov. of Texas John Connally in 1968

She lived in Texas & California for about 16 years.
Highlights of Danielle’s 50 years of varied experiences in the travel industry include service as travel agent in Houston & San Diego, area sales manager for Meridien hotels based in Los Angeles.

Then she decided to “go back to her roots” in 1983 and worked first in Paris at Meridien headquarters then back to her dear Normandy as director of the Falaise & Caen tourist offices.
From 2001 to 2019 as a self-employed guide with NORMANDYOURS on mostly the D-Day Landing beaches of WWII

In addition to her native French, Danielle is fluent in English and also speaks German and some Spanish as a result of her residence in those countries. She has traveled extensively throughout the world.

papa_1994Danielle’s dad, Georges (my grandfather) was in the French resistance during the German occupation and worked at the Carentan train-station.
He belongs to the “Greatest Generation” I am proud to say !