D-Day, the landing beaches and the Battle of Normandy

The Battle for CHERBOURG
Map of the Cotentin Pennisula

72 years ago around June 24th & 25th began
the battle for the deep-sea water port of Cherbourg.

It was a vital port the allies had to take control
so that allied shipping coming in from England
could support the war effort and bring more material into Normandy.

General Von Schlieben in charge of the 709th Infantry division
had been ordered to fight to the death
(an order sent by Hitler via a coded message on the Enigma machine)
but when he saw he was surrounded by overwhelming American forces,
decided to give up and surrend.
(probably thinking there was no point in having more German blood on his hands).
4 weeks later the port was up and running,
better than when it was held by the Germans.

The 4th Inf. Div. was the main force in attacking and taking Cherbourg
lead by General “Lighting” Joe Collins.
The Mayor of Cherbourg thanking General J. Collins

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