The landing beaches D-Day and the Battle of Normandy….Did you know?

Did you know?

That the very first large scale landing attempt took place in Normandy?  Not in 1944 ….I mean that the very first landing took place on August 19th 1942 ….code named Operation Jubilee.
The port seleceted was Dieppe and unfortunaletely it was a disaster of the 6000 men (5000 Canadians 1000 Brits) that went in 60% didn’t make it back to England. The lessons learned from Dieppe would be used in North Africa  and later campaigns but also Normandy.

Dieppe highlighted the fact that if you want a succeful landing there are a few of the things needed to be put into place :

  • the need for preliminary artillery support, including aerial bombardment

  • the need for a sustained element of surprise

  • the need for proper intelligence concerning enemy fortifications

  • the avoidance of a direct frontal attack on a defended port city

  • the need for proper re-embarkation craft

    Dieppe 1942



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